Kumki is a 2012 Tamil film directed by Prabu Solomon. The movie marks the debut of Vikram Prabhu. The story revolves around a mahout (portrayed by Vikram) and his trained kumki elephant, which are used to guide wild elephants back to the forest to minimize the destruction of properties and fields of nearby villages. The film is being produced by director N. Lingusamy on his banner Thirupathi Brothers. The filming was launched in July 2011. It was released on December 14, 2012. The film also released in Telugu as Gajaraju.


The film starts with an introduction to the main characters: Bomman (Vikram Prabhu), the protagonist, his pet elephant (Manickam), his Uncle (Thambi Ramaiah), and a sidekick (Ashvin Raja). Meanwhile, in a village dominated by old principles, an elephant (Komban) ravages crops and ambushes its people. Frustrated by this and without any help from the forest officers, their leader decides to bring a Kumki elephant to tame Komban. Bomman and his crew reach the village as imposters to stay for a couple of days. But life begins to change for Bomman when he falls in love with Alli (Lakshmi Menon), the daughter of the village head. She is at first reluctant keeping in mind the village’s principles. But she soon starts to fall for Bomman. Life goes on smoothly, until Komban starts attacking the village. Komban kills mama and the sidekick, and injures Bomman. In the ensuing fight, both Komban and Manickam are killed. Bomman rues the fact that because of his love all his crew gets killed and leaves the village alone.


  • Vikram Prabhu as Bomman
  • Lakshmi Menon as Alli
  • Thambi Ramaiah
  • Ashvin Raja


The film which was earlier titled as Komban, was shot across the forests of Kerala and Karnataka. The film was shot at Jog falls at Karnataka.Later, some scenes were shot in Kerala in dense jungles. For the climax portion, producers bought two-acres of land to shoot a scene where elephants destroy the land.


The film has received a "U" certificate from the Indian Censor Board.Release was initially scheduled for Diwali but due to post-production works, it was postponed to December 14, 2012.

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